Choose from the most extravagant selection of Bangladeshi and some other sub-continental cuisine anywhere in Australia.

These mouthwatering delights are sure to remind your taste buds about the beauty of Bangladeshi cooking.

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    • Whole Meal Deals

    • Kachhi Biriyani (Dhakaiya Biriyani)


      Kali Jeera rice and tender Goat meat with bone cooked with chef’s secret spices.

    • Hyderabadi Biriyani (Dum Biriyani)


      Long grain Basmati rice and tender Goat meat with bone cooked with chef’s secret spices.

    • Beef Tehari


      Kali Jeera rice with tender beef; cooked with traditional herbs and spices and served with salad.

    • Plain Biriyani Special


      Kali Jeera Rice, with tender meat cooked with yoghurt, ghee and chef’s secret spices.

      Beef/Chicken – $14
      Lamb – $15

    • Bhuna Khichuri Special


      Unique Bangladeshi Dish: Basmati rice with red lentils, fresh ginger, coriander and spices.

      Beef/Chicken – $14 
      Lamb – $15

    • Chicken Roast Special (mild)


      Traditional Bangladeshi wedding dish; usually one chicken Maryland or Breast piece served with Polao Rice, egg and Salad.

    • Rezala Special (Goat or Beef)


      Slowly cooked juicy meat (with bone) marinated with chef’s special spices; served with Polao rice and Salad.

    • Meat Curry Special (Beef / Chicken / Lamb))


      Meat Curry Served with Basmati Rice, Daal, Aloo/Begun vorta and Salad.

    • Fish Special

      Cooked in traditional Bangladeshi style and served with Basmati rice, Daal (Red Lentil), Aloo/Begun vorta (spicy mashed potato/eggplant) and Salad.

      *Sarisha Hilsa / *Rupchanda (Pomfret) ————— $ 24.00
      *Katol (Catla)  — $ 19.00
      Prawn Spinach / Prawn Dopeyaza ————— $ 20.00

      *with bone

    • Vegetable Curry Special


      Mixed Vegetable Curry, Chana Daal, Aloo or Begun Vorta Served with Basmati Rice and Salad.

    • Vorta Special


      Any five vortas served with Basmati Rice, Daal and Salad.

      1. Aloo
      2. Begun
      3. Hilsa
      4. Chingri
      5. Shutki

      Any extra vorta: $3 ea


Pls Note that, as the price might vary time to time based on different situations, so the prices mentioned online might not be updated price always even though we try to keep it up-to-date.

So, please consider the prices in Restaurant as final one, if there is any mismatch.