Whole Meal Deals

    • Whole Meal Deals

    • Kachhi Biriyani (Dhakaiya Biriyani)


      Kali Jeera rice and tender Goat meat with bone cooked with chef's secret spices.

    • Hyderabadi Biriyani (Dum Biriyani)


      Long grain Basmati rice and tender Goat meat with bone cooked with chef's secret spices.

    • Beef Tehari


      Kali Jeera rice with tender beef; cooked with traditional herbs and spices and served with salad.

    • Plain Biriyani Special


      Kali Jeera Rice, with tender meat cooked with yoghurt, ghee and chef's secret spices.

      Beef/Chicken - $14
      Lamb - $15

    • Bhuna Khichuri Special


      Unique Bangladeshi Dish: Basmati rice with red lentils, fresh ginger, coriander and spices.

      Beef/Chicken - $14 
      Lamb - $15

    • Chicken Roast Special (mild)


      Traditional Bangladeshi wedding dish; usually one chicken Maryland or Breast piece served with Polao Rice, egg and Salad.

    • Rezala Special (Goat or Beef)


      Slowly cooked juicy meat (with bone) marinated with chef's special spices; served with Polao rice and Salad.

    • Meat Curry Special (Beef / Chicken / Lamb))


      Meat Curry Served with Basmati Rice, Daal, Aloo/Begun vorta and Salad.

    • Fish Special

      Cooked in traditional Bangladeshi style and served with Basmati rice, Daal (Red Lentil), Aloo/Begun vorta (spicy mashed potato/eggplant) and Salad.

      *Sarisha Hilsa / *Rupchanda (Pomfret) --------------- $ 24.00
      *Katol (Catla)  --- $ 19.00
      Prawn Spinach / Prawn Dopeyaza --------------- $ 20.00

      *with bone

    • Vegetable Curry Special


      Mixed Vegetable Curry, Chana Daal, Aloo or Begun Vorta Served with Basmati Rice and Salad.

    • Vorta Special


      Any five vortas served with Basmati Rice, Daal and Salad.

      1. Aloo
      2. Begun
      3. Hilsa
      4. Chingri
      5. Shutki

      Any extra vorta: $3 ea