Choose from our several Dessert items including huge varieties of sweets and our signature item Firney (Rice Pudding)!

We are pretty sure you are going to come back once you have had our amazing tasty Firney.

Other Menu-

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◊◊ Main Course

    • Dessert

    • Firney (Rice Pudding)


      Made from rice, milk and chef’s special spices.

      Small – $2.50
      Large – $5.00

    • Kulfi


      Frozen ice cream made with milk, suger and sometimes mango pulp.

    • Sweet Paan


      Bangladeshi/Indian specially sought dessert item consisting traditional betel leaf along with nuts and different sweet spices.

    • Sweets


      Individual pieces or boxes of different traditional sweets are avaiable; such as Kalo-jam, Gulab Jamun, Roshkodom, Roshogolla, Shandesh etc. to name a few.

      Each – $3.00
      Boxes – as specified on box


Pls Note that, as the price might vary time to time based on different situations, so the prices mentioned online might not be updated price always even though we try to keep it up-to-date.

So, please consider the prices in Restaurant as final one, if there is any mismatch.