Feeling the need for a light snack? or the perfect starter to lead up to your mains?

Try our unique selection of Bangladeshi themed Entree.

Other Menu-

Lunch/Dinner Main Course
Lunch/Dinner Dessert

    • Entree

    • Vegetable Samosa (5 pc)


      Traditional appetizer prepared with stuffed vegetable and cumin seeds wrapped in pastry.

    • Dal Puri (4 pc)


      Traditional deep fried bread stuffed with red lentil.

    • Mixed Platter For Two


      Vegi samosa, chicken tikka, boti kebab, shish kebab and plain naan: 2pcs of each; garnished and served with Salad & raita

    • Mixed Platter For Three


      Vegi samosa, chicken tikka, boti kebab, shish kebab and plain naan: 3pcs of each; garnished and served with Salad & raita

    • Tandoori Chicken

      Chicken with bone, marinated with yoghurt, traditional herbs & spices, cooked in tandoori oven. Served with Salad and raita.

      Half            ————–   $ 11

      Full            ————–   $ 19

    • Chicken Tikka


      Juicy chicken thigh filets marinated in yoghurt and spices cooked in tandoori oven.

    • Beef Boti Kebab or Mutton Shish Kebab


      Tender diced beef pieces or mutton mince, marinated with traditional herbs & spices, and cooked in Tandoori oven. Served with Salad, raita and 1 Naan or 2 Paratha.

    • Beef Chup


      Thin beef steak marinated with fresh garlic, ginger and coriander. Served with Salad and 1 Naan or 2 Paratha.

    • Halim


      Slowly cooked varieties of lentils and grains, along with spicy goat meat with bone in traditional Bangladeshi style.

    • Nehari [Feet]


      Slowly cooked tender beef or lamb feet with traditional herbs and spices; Served with 2 Parata/1 Naan.

    • Chips & Nuggets [6 pc][Kids Menu]


      Fried chcken nuggets and chips, served with tomato sauce and salad.

    • Chotpoti / Fusca (Happy hour: 4pm – 8pm)


      A mixture of boiled dice potatoes, boiled chickpeas, sliced onions, and chillies served wth grated eggs on top for Chotpoti, or the mixtures stuffed inside panipuri in case of Fusca.


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