Choose from the most extravagant selection of Bangladeshi and some other sub-continental cuisine anywhere in Australia.

These mouthwatering delights are sure to remind your taste buds about the beauty of Bangladeshi cooking.

    • Fish Dishes

    • Fish Only

      Cooked with tomato, fresh coriander, traditional herbs and spices in traditional Bangladeshi style.

      *Sarisha Hilsa / *Rupchanda (Pomfret) ————— $ 18.00
      *Katol (Catla)  — $ 15.00
      Prawn Spinach / Prawn Dopeyaza ————— $ 16.00

      *with bone

    • Vegetable Dishes

    • Mixed Vegetable Curry


      Various fresh vegetables cooked with tomato, coriander, spices and herbs in traditional Bangladeshi style.

    • Mixed Vegetable Korma (Mild)


      Mixed fresh vegetables cooked with yoghurt, cashew nuts in a smooth creamy sauce.

    • Aloo Palak


      Stir fried English Spinach with garlic, diced potatoes, fresh coriander, herbs and spices.

    • Aloo Matar


      Vegetable gravy style matar and potatoes cooked with traditional herbs & spices.

    • Aloo Vaji


      Spinach paste cooked with cheese, herbs & spices.

    • Dal Palak


      Lentils cooked with spinach in the traditional way using fresh herbs, coriander and delicately spiced.

    • Chana Daal


      Lentils cooked in the traditional way using fresh herbs, onions, garlic, coriander and delicately spiced.

    • Paneer Tikka Masala


      Roasted Paneer cooked with tomato paste, cheese, herbs and spices; Served in spiced gravy.

    • Palak Paneer


      Spinach paste cooked with cheese, herbs and spices.